Using MediaGateway with ANDi

Detecting MediaGateway

  1. Run ANDi Tool.

  2. Connect the MediaGateway to a network adapter of the PC and ensure both MG and adapter have valid IP addresses in the same subnet, e.g. and .

  3. Ensure that there is communication between the PC and the Microcontroller of the MG, e.g. access to the website of the MG by putting its IP in a browser.

  1. Open or create a new ANDi project.

  2. Open "Adapters configuration" form (on the top bar, "Adapters" button) you can see the list of network adapter.

  1. click on the button "Detect Hardware" on the top bar of the current form for detecting the MediaGateway

  1. Select the MediaGateway and click "OK" to confirm.


List of methods

You can find all methods ANDi provides for the MediaGateway under ChannelNewMediaGateway