Using EDIABAS with ANDi

EDIABAS definition

EDIABAS is a BMW tool used to diagnose ECUs for failures and to detect the reasons of errors. The available jobs and their arguments are defined in a Database file *.PRG. In order to get and install Ediabas, please contact your BMW partner.


EDIABAS should be installed under the default path "C:\EC-Apps".

Using ANDi installer with EDIABAS for the first time

  1. Start ANDi as administrator.

  2. Open or create a new ANDi project.

  3. Load Database:


  1. Browse a PRG file:


  1. ANDi will ask to load the installation of EDIABAS:


  1. The database is loaded successfully:

Once the database is loaded, it is possible to see its content in the tree view of the Databases Panel. The EDIABAS database has two node levels:
  • First node level are Jobs.

  • Second node level are Arguments, every Job contains no, one or many Arguments.

Send Jobs from the Database view

Transmitting a job from the Database view is done by right-clicking on the job then selecting Send Job.

EDIABAS and Scripting

All database data can be extracted through scripts. Following the functions that can be used:
  1. Extract all Diagnose Jobs within a PRG database:

for job in ediabas_database.get_all_diag_jobs():
  1. Extract the arguments for a job in a PRG:

for argument in ediabas_database.get_arguments_for_job("JOB_1"):
  1. Send Diagnose Jobs:

print(ediabas_database.send_job("JOB_1", ""))
  1. Send Diagnose Jobs with arguments:

print(ediabas_database.send_job("JOB_1", "ARGUMENT_1"))