Integration with other tools

The following binaries could be found in ANDi installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Technica Engineering\ANDi x.x.x\

ANDi Express


This executable aims to aid automation of running scripts, thought Continuous Integration or Command Line


Technica.ANDi.Runners.Express [OPTIONS] [FILE]

FILE                            path to ATP file

--auto-fix-channels             set the Channel Adapters defined in the atp file to physical network adapters as defined in tmp/<project>.config

--console                       disable splash screen and keep the console window

--trace-file=file               set trace log file location

--generate-report               force generation of report file

--wait-running                  wait until all scripts finished run


This executable aims to aid dynamic integration between ANDi and other tools


ANDi.RemoteControlConsole [OPTIONS]

--port                   port to listen on (default 10000)

--domain                 ip address to listen on (default localhost)

--cert-path=FILE         Certification chain for authentication
--cert-key=FILE          Certification private key for authentication


For more details on authentication see gRPC authentication

This command will start a gRPC server, you could connect to this server and perform various operations, such as opening projects, running scripts...
For the up to date gRPC API see the file ANDi.Proto File
For details on gRPC see gRPC docs