ANDi (Automotive Network Diagnoser) is a development, testing and analysis tool which supports various bus systems, such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet.

It is also flexible and user-friendly and its environment helps electronic control unit developers with the validation of their ECU 's functions quickly and easily. This accounts for its several features including:

  • Viewing and logging message data sent and received over Technica Engineering Hardware (MediaGateway, BTS Board, BR-Spy, USB-BR Converter, etc.)

  • Viewing and logging message data sent and received over Vector Hardware

  • Viewing and logging network packets sent and received over a live network connection or from a previously captured data file (PCAPS)

Moreover, ANDi offers:

  • Script-based Test-Environment to create test cases, and test functions, and to emulate ECU's...

  • Graphical messages generation for previously listed bus systems

  • Network and PCAP tools

  • ... and a lot more!

System requirements and installation

ANDi requires the following hardware configuration:


  • Memory: 8GB

  • Storage: 8GB available space


  • Memory: 16GB

  • Storage: SSD, 64GB available space

ANDi can operate on any of the following operating systems (non virtualized o.s., due hardware issues):

  • Windows 8, AMD64

  • Windows Server 2012, AMD64

  • Windows 10, AMD64

ANDi doesn't operate on virtual machines.

ANDi is a Windows application and requires Microsoft .NET 6 and the WinPCAP-driver.

To install the application, run the SetupANDi_Vx.exe and follows the instructions of the setup wizard.

Getting the latest version of ANDi

New versions of ANDi are available on the Technica public server

Demo and licenses

Please contact Technica Engineering

Reporting problems and getting help

In order to avoid potential problems which could have been already fixed, please make sure to use the last official version of ANDi. You can report any problem by sending an email to by providing the following information:

  • Steps to reproduce the problem

  • ANDi version and Platform (Windows 8, 10...)

  • ANDi log files under %appdata%\ANDi\Logs (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ANDiLogs)

In addition to this manual, there are other useful sources for helping with ANDi. You can contact us and ask your questions by email