ISO-TP tutorial

Configuring ISO-TP in diag message

Configure ISO-TP in a message from scripting environment:

#example code for configuring iso_tp
diag_msg.iso_tp.request_id = 0x0320
diag_msg.iso_tp.response_id = 0x0430
DATA = bytearray.fromhex('00 00 a8 40 4b d1 52 46 40 4b d1 52 46 52 46 40 4b d1 52 46')
diag_msg.payload = tuple(DATA)

Sending and receiving ISO-TP message

Use message's method send() and event on message received to use this protocol:

def on_message_received(msg):

diag_msg_listener.on_message_received += on_message_received

#the payload will be segmented, sent over multiple packets, and captured on the receiver end via on_message_received event.